Andy Spink

Andy Spink. BA hONS.

I live in Oban on the west coast of Scotland. I grew up in the West Yorkshire town of Ilkley, spending my formative years exploring the remote moors, crags and valleys. Encouraged by wonderfully supportive and artistically talented parents I always wanted to make art. Whilst at school I became addicted to rock climbing which led  to adventures further afield to the Lake District , north to the Highlands and the Alps.  In 1984 I attended a Foundation Course at Bradford Art School and in 1985 I entered Cardiff Art College to study for an honours degree in Fine Art Painting. These were seminal years, the heady mix of being surrounded by creative and talented people  remains with me. My passion for the outdoors  continued, in 1989 I co founded an adventure outdoor company Hebridean Pursuits Ltd. Based here in Oban I continue to work for the company. I have gained professional outdoor qualifications in mountaineering, snow and water sports and in the process have climbed, kayaked and surfed widely around the world, these experiences still influence my work. My passion for being outside has not diminished. On all adventures I take my sketch book and paints with me. Recording the experiences is as important to me as the undertaking. I have been fortunate enough to be able to pursue and continue to make art on a commercial and personal basis. I continue to be deeply committed to what creativity offers myself and society culturally.  I intend never to stop.

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